Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ding 10!

Yeah ok I know...10 is not that big a deal to all you overpowered 80s (yes I have two of those as well). But now I get to start putting points into my talent tree!
As promised I went with the polls and put my first point into the frost tree. What I thought was an obvious choice for my first point was Improved Forstbolt. I read somewhere all you do when levelling is frostbolt, frostbolt, frostbolt.
But then I was reading Psynister's Mage Levelling Part I: Beginning and realized I might be doing something wrong! From spec to rotation. /cry
So I need some help. I'm not going to throw a vote up, but leave some comments about what you think I should do point and rotation wise for the next ten levels. Let's see how that goes!
And now for the levelling update.
I loved this quest. It was so full of emotion, unexpected of an undead race.
Also as promised according to the votes, tailoring and skinning have been picked up as my professions.
My first death at level 8. Not too bad for a squishy,'s always murlocs!
Now here is what I’m talking about! Wiping out the human race! I’m up for that! 
And of course…
15329_418371915239_632115239_5614239_5482675_n Now let’s hear your comments…help a poor undead mage get through her next ten levels with little to no embarrassment…lol.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The guild I raided with before my break has been having some issues on their home server, Fenris. There just wasn't enough talent to put together a solid 25 man raid group 3 times a week. Many people who did come only came for the easy nights and avoided the wipe progression nights like the plague. The officers got together and discussed how to handle this situation (myself included) and it was decided a server transfer was the best bet to (a) have more options available to us when it came to either recruiting more talent or even pugging in talented players and (b) weed out the people who were obviously not serious enough about raiding to show up when required.

I sat down and thought long and hard about my options. I spoke to my other half, who also has taken a break from raiding. Together we decided I should go back to raiding if it was what I wanted. He is currently studying every night for a career that will most likely take up most of his evenings also. He would prefer I had something to do then sit at home alone bored.

So I transferred Treeannah over to Stormrage with the rest of the core of my guild, Nephilim.The transfer didn't take nearly as long as I thought. Maybe 15 minutes tops. A week my ass!

We ran our first ICC raid last night. There were about 20 Nephilim members and we pugged in the other 5. I think this raid ran smoother than even some of our full raids on Fenris. It was a breath of fresh air. We one-shotted everything up to (and including) Festergut. We had some weird glitch issue with Rotface where he insisted on running out of the room and disappearing (with less than 10% life no less) but we got him easily the next time. My first Rotface kill. And I also finally reached exalted with the Ashen Verdict. Booyeah! And it was great to raid with my friend again, people I have been playing with for almost 3 years now. Oh, and I didn't forget how to play! I mean I am a little behind some of the other players (to be expected after a 2 month break) but I was pretty proud of this Lady Kill. Yeah I know I mostly just stand there and pew pew (unless I am MCed which ALWAYS happens to me) but yeah...I didn't suck...too much...

So you ask...does this mean the alt project is a no go?


In fact I have an update on Bella. She made it to 10! And therefore more polls/questions must be asked! See we are raiding Tues, Thurs and Mon - so that leaves my weekends free and clear for alt leveling goodness (that and trying to find some good ways to make money on a new server without her alt support system so I can pay for repairs, enchants etc...) So keep your eye open for more Bella fun!

(P.S. - I have screenshots...but they are at home...FAIL!)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A New Star Is Born...

...well maybe not...but you get what I meant!

So you all asked for it...and I delivered as promised!

I give you Bellamortuus! Undead mage extraordinaire (or at least I hope she will be eventually).

I am really enjoying playing her. This is an area I have not played in before, and it's refreshing to get a new intro and a whole new set of quests to read (and yeas...I am taking the time to read them all!)

Starting off underground in a crypt? Too cool! Wait...they woke me up? Huh? Why was I sleeping? And now you want me to work!!!

Oh that explains everything. Yes, thank you for clearing up my confusion. Wait a minute...I was a slave of the Lich King???

Well that’s about it. Loving the quests over here. The storyline is great!

Here is my “Ding Board” – enjoy it while it lasts because it only gets more slow going as I progress.

Oh and I haven’t died yet! Surprising for a squishy! Of course I was lucky enough to have my good friend Heather (Beverlyheals) levelling along beside me for a fair amount of time. Until I turned her into a bunny…then she conveniently had to leave…(/joking).

She of course missed where I accidentally turned myself into a bunny…

Now…on to the polls!

And now it’s time to rest…until I get enough votes to move forward that is!


Monday, April 5, 2010

And Now For Something Not Really All That Different... has been crazy! Bet you all thought I was a one post wonder! Well I guess you were wrong weren't you?

/sticks out her tongue at you

I had a final exam last Saturday that was stressing me out, as well as a final essay that was due today...hence why I've been away...bsing my way through English essays on novels and short stories I didn't even really like that much.

But that's over now!

So needless to say, since I quite raiding...I've been pretty bored. I mean don't get me wrong, I am loving the break from bowing down to the schedule of 24 other people and being where they want me when they want me there...but it's just not the same.

Sometimes I long for the fun ten man days we had before it was decided 25 man would be so much better and make us all that more powerful, etc. etc.

I didn't care about that...I like the bonding and friendships built in the ten mans. Sometimes I still want that. But I don't think I'm quite ready for it yet. Maybe after Cataclysm comes out...

That being said I have been rolling alts like crazy, but nothing is filling that hole...until I happened on this post on

It's called "Choose My Adventure"...and I want to do it! Maybe this will give me reason to continue on with least until Cata comes and I can level to 85 and rethink the whole raiding thing.

So here's where you come in...I need some votes for what path to make it just like the Choose Your Adventure on

I want to be able to join this guild, It Came From The Blog, so that predetermines that I must be a horde toon on the Zangarmarsh server. But what to play?

Please note I have already leveled both a hunter and a deathknight to 80. I also have a paladin and a warrior already in the high 50-60's. Not that you can't choose these, just letting you know for information sake.

I think I will leave it at that for now. Next I will be asking about professions, skill trees, etc. But that obviously won't matter until we know what we are rolling right?

Anyone care to play along with me? And blog about it as well? This could be fun!