Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Tanaris Alt Project


I have presently retired my level 80 hunter from raiding. I most likely will have posts about her in the future. My main issue with raiding was scheduling. Right now my life is just too busy to be told by 24 other people where and when I have to play WoW. That doesn’t mean I don’t still like playing however. I love playing WoW. And one of my biggest weaknesses is creating and levelling alts, sometimes on many different servers.

So that’s what this post, and hopefully many more after this, will be about. My Tanaris Alt Project. Last night a create a brand new level one Draenei Shaman female named Oreanda. This name is also one of my fictional character’s names from some of my writings. It fits her well.Oreanda the Beginning


I have always loved how fast the first 1-10 levels or so flies by. I tend to lose interest once I hit about level 12 and actually have to put some work into the toon by terms of skill points, etc. Let’s hope this blog will keep me a little more interest. Of course that most likely depends if anyone actually reads it also. /grins

I hope to make it to at least level 10 tonight before bed, time permitting. I have already picked out a hopefully decent levelling build, etc. So let’s see if we can keep this thing rolling along!