My Many WoW Toons

Treeannah started out as my auction/banker alt. That's the only reason I created her, I swear. I used to play DND (pen and paper) and had a tree elf and hence the name Night Elf name Tree was born, and I threw annah on the end for flair. At this time, Tyrial, my warrior, was my main toon and close to level 50. She was however getting more and more challenging to play. Tree, on the other hand, was so easy that the levels just flew by, and I soon realized I had a new main. She was my first toon to hit 80 (I only have one other 80). The same week she hit 70 (before BC came out) she was raiding in Kara with her guild, and doing very well. And so, Treeannah the BM hunter of doom was born into a life of raiding. She loves raiding, and has done so up until about a month ago when both her and her raiding RL boyfriend decided it was time to take a break and prioritize life. Because believe it or not, raiding does take a lot of time and commitment away from real life. But I still enjoy the game itself, and so my craze of alt leveling was born.

Update: Treeannah is the only toon to date to cap out at 100. With the new LFG and LFR features she still enjoys the casual raiding scene.

Gwethana was my first true hardcore alt. I leveled her hard as Wrath of the Lich King was ending so I would have a fresh new toon because at the time Hunters were broken with the introduction of energy (which I still hate to this day, but deal with). She is my elemental/healer and she was a pretty damned good healer. I raided on her quite a bit. One day I will get her to day...

Shadowzkiss: Only because everyone else leveled a Death Knight. Didn't they?

Xanadue was my insta-90 that was my gift for pre-ordering the WoD expansion. I already thought insta-90s were a stupid idea...I agree even more after getting one. I have no clue how to play this toon having never experienced the slow level with her. So there she sits.

Tyrial: The first WoW toon I ever made. Named after a DND character I once played. I fell out of love with her around level 50 or so. Every once in a while I log on to her for a bit, try to smack a few things around, remember how much I hate her, and log out again.

Update: Tyrial is now at level 63. No idea how she managed to make it even that far...

Gwenythlove: In which I thought it might be a good idea to try and learn to be a tank. Nope not really my thing...hence being stuck at level 49.

Edit: Switched her from Prot to Ret and having much more fun now. Still not a big fan of melee DPS, but man does she kill quick! Now at level 62!

Medlinya, because the only fun way to play melee DPS is to be a cat that can prowl up behind and attack surprise attack from the rear, heal herself if needed, and pop into bear form to tank especially hard foes.

Layaah: Not sure what made me want to roll a priest. Can we say squishy? And tiny since I made her a little pink haired gnome! With buns on the side of her head! (Hence the name...)

Vythica: Because warlocks are uber awesome and get a big blue void walker as their personal bodyguard. What's not to love about that? Plus...ranged DPS!

Spagoamon: Because I thought monks were cool, but I wasn't really sure about the whole Panda thing... Name origin? Space Goat Monk - Spagoamon...yes she's a Draenei.

Datemyavatar: I had to do it after watching The Guild, specifically this #sorrynotsorry