Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Scooby-Doo Where Are You?

So if you noticed, I haven't blogged for a while. The fact is, even though I have had a lot to say, I haven't really wanted to say it, because I sometimes don't know how to say things without pissing people least until I calm down.

So I've calmed down.

I took a raiding break. Then I found what I thought would be a great community guild on Twitter and I left my guild to join them and help them build up by offering web help, etc. I grabbed my little hunter butt and transferred her over to Ner'zhul, which was strange because not only was it a PVP server, but it is also 3 hours behind my timezone (which makes matching up raiding times very difficult). It was great there for a while. We went from a newly formed 10 man guild to being 11/12 in ICC in about a month. It was great! The people seemed great!

Then the raid leader had to step down for very personal reasons (which was sad because I adore the guy) and then it just seemed like everything went to hell. I'm not going to point fingers and name names, but things went nuts and I took another raiding break. Unfortunately during that time I was made to feel like utter crap by a member or two and then found out I was being called a liar etc because I rolled a new alt one Saturday afternoon, and well...let's just say I snapped and /gquit every toon I had in that guild.

So that's where I have been.

I'm kind of lost and not sure if I even want to bother with any guild or raiding stuff until Cataclysm now. Maybe I'll just lounge around on some alts (a few of which are /gasp HORDE!) and keep messing around with the Gnomeregan quests and whatnot.

Speaking of which! Treeannah started doing the Gnomeregan quests and she was having a blast until one of the NPCs (Tog) you were supposed to bore to death with a Braveheart type speech actually glitched and wouldn't let us bother him. Here are sscreenshots of the fun!

So many people here turning in the achievement!
Wow it's pretty damn busy over here in Tinkertown!
Me and my gnome posse!
The bugged NPC (Tog) and a whole ton of pissed of people waiting to turn in the quest.


Maybe tomorrow night...tonight I should do homework...I said should! Tomorrow I might even do another blog about my Horde alties! Oh snap! Two posts in a week! (OK Don't count on it...we all know how I am...)