Friday, October 8, 2010

Not Dead…Just Healing…

So I haven’t been around for a while…again…but this time it’s not due to a severe illness or surgery (although that may rear its ugly head again soon…but that’s another story).

Nope…the truth is…I rolled a new alt /gasp. I know…you’re all in shock as you read this right? Well it gets even better! But let me fill in a little back story first!

A dear friend of my mine from my previous guild on Stormrage convinced me to server transfer back and just hang out in the alt guild since I really had no interest in raiding, or being near certain players I had serious issues with. I agreed, but only because I did miss me really close friends I had played with for about three years and I knew they all had alts in the alt guild.

Fast forward a few weeks…The GM of the raiding guild decides he wants to be harder core (he always has) and that all their ideas don’t match his…so he says he is leaving to make a new 25 man hardcore guild. Of course we later find out he had it planned for weeks…with a website, vent, etc already setup…but whatever. He takes a few players with him, most we figured would follow him, but there were a few surprises, but it happened…and I‘m over it. Of course it was easier for me because I had no love for some of the players that left and kind of like the atmosphere that has been left behind…a sense of calm, quiet, casual and friendly play.
So you wonder what this has to do with my new alt? Or have you figured it out?

So we all get together and discuss our steps and what we will do. We vote in a new GM (who also happened to be my buddy who convinced me to server transfer back) and some raid leaders and officers. Basically we went back to many of the core founders who originally setup the guild, including myself and my boyfriend (who I convinced to come back and play not that things were more settled) together with a few newer officers that are amazing and stayed behind to stick it out with us.

I absolutely love that I am going to be able to sit back and relax and have fun again playing with people I like and doing the 10 mans I prefer. No more forced progression wipe fests on bosses we are really not prepared for. Just fun…what this game was meant for…well I hope at least.

Still want to know about the alt right? Well i figured quite a few hunters stayed behind, and to be honest I am not sure what the expansion and patch holds for them. I also know that with multiple 10 man groups running we will most likely be needing extra healers and tanks. So…my boyfriend decided to continue leveling an alt warrior he had to tank…and I created a healing Shaman!

The BF was skeptical at first…we all know how I start a toon and usually park it shortly after she hits 10…and healing…well that can be a bitch right?


I am really loving healing the low level dungeons so far. And the heirloom gear makes leveling so fast, especially when paired with dungeon runs.

Gwethana just dinged level 36 last night…and as you can see by the following…she is having a blast!

So far only one death while Gwethana was healing…but it was a one shot…that’s not the healers fault right? We can’t be expected to foresee the future can we?
Hopefully there will be more tales of the leveling shaman in the near future.
Please feel free to leave comments (and helpful advice for a first time healer) below.
Thanks for reading!