Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rise of the Phoenix

Ok...maybe not quite that dramatic...but yeah...

/clears throat

Hello out there! Have you missed me? Did you even realize I was gone?

Can you believe in two days it would have been 5 years since I touched this blog? And what a messed up 5 years it has been! Right after my last post I became very ill and had to have a major surgery in November. I was out of it for quite a bit after that. Started to recover slowly and just started to get back to normal when WHAM I got sick again last September. I am currently waiting for yet another pretty major surgery, so we will see how that goes...


So why am I back? Well, for the past year I have been so ill I have had to drop all my courses and just be calm and heal. Well recently I started getting the itch back and I really wanted to get back into some school work. I had no desire to dig back into my boring and overly challenging accounting courses so I looked to see what else I could do. I quickly realized I still had a few humanities type courses that I need to complete to round out my degree so I decide that was the best place to get my feet wet again. I combed through numerous listings of courses with little to no interest to me when suddenly I found the one...are you ready for it?

Social Aspects of Games, Leisure and Entertainment

I swear I heard it whisper my name!

I read through the synopsis and I was hooked. They actually require you to play video games for this course! I mean...what else could you ask for? Oh, and did I mention...no final exam either! You want in...admit it...

That being said, it definitely won't be easy. There are many tasks to complete and it will be quite time intensive...the estimated time is about 120 hours. But the good thing is I don't have to worry about leaving the house for a final exam (or even a midterm) and everything can be done from home if I do end up needing the surgery and being bedridden for a while. And who doesn't like gaming...right?!

My start date is November 1st and I am pretty excited, and nervous about it as well. I reactivated my WoW account just last week, so it feels pretty timely. Maybe time for a new ALT?

Now to look at what other games might help me round out this course nicely and maybe even checkout some of those non-fiction gaming books that have peaked my interest in the past. Any game or book recomendations for me? And please don't say EVE...that game gives me nightmares...

Game on!

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