Sunday, February 14, 2016

Gaming Update

I am still working away on unit 1 of my Social Gaming course. There is a lot more reading than I first anticipated, and as is to be expected with most course readings, a lot of it is very dry...

I am anxiously awaiting the download for a new game, Black Desert Online. The download link goes live on the 16th with the Beta server going live on the 18th. I already reserved my family name. I tried to choose Love, but someone had already snatched that, so I went with Lobo instead due to my love of all things wolfy. I also reserved the first name Amaroq for my first character, after my favourite character in the ever traumatizing children's book, Julie of the Wolves.

I have been reading articles and forums, and watching many video reviews on this game and I am pretty eager to get in and see what it's really like.

I also reactivated my WoW account in the meantime and made a Night Elf Monk. I saw that my guild was only missing a Night Elf Monk for their Night Elf Classy Achievement, so I figured what the heck. I have made a few monks before but never got very far with them as I don't really enjoy their melee play style, but since it's for the guild, and in a way as research for the course, I figured what the heck?

I named her Eldia, roughly translated from Spanish to mean The Day...because she was just kind of thought of on the day, as a passing thought. She is currently level 28 and I gave her all the heirloom gear I had available to her to make her leveling experience less painful.

I have also spent some time checking out the Diablo III seasonal play. It's very interesting how they have added this type of play style to the game to help avoid boredom and burnout. Each season is about three months long. You make a new character and instead of running it though the same old story line again, you can simply do bounties, enter rifts, etc. I still don't have the hang of it to be honest, but I am still finding it very entertaining.

I also decided to go ahead and try out Heroes of the Storm, just because it was there in my Blizzard downloader and it was free. It's a more cartoony, WoWified version or League of Legends (LoL) which I really am not a fan of. I enjoyed the intro and the first set of tutorials. I accidentally clicked out of the tutorial menu and couldn't find them again and ended up in a training match...which even though I somehow won, I was not really prepared for and it seemed to go on forever... If I can find my way back to the tutorials I might attempt it again, but really, not my type of game.

That's about it for now! Back to the books, and games!

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