Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ding 10!

Yeah ok I know...10 is not that big a deal to all you overpowered 80s (yes I have two of those as well). But now I get to start putting points into my talent tree!
As promised I went with the polls and put my first point into the frost tree. What I thought was an obvious choice for my first point was Improved Forstbolt. I read somewhere all you do when levelling is frostbolt, frostbolt, frostbolt.
But then I was reading Psynister's Mage Levelling Part I: Beginning and realized I might be doing something wrong! From spec to rotation. /cry
So I need some help. I'm not going to throw a vote up, but leave some comments about what you think I should do point and rotation wise for the next ten levels. Let's see how that goes!
And now for the levelling update.
I loved this quest. It was so full of emotion, unexpected of an undead race.
Also as promised according to the votes, tailoring and skinning have been picked up as my professions.
My first death at level 8. Not too bad for a squishy,'s always murlocs!
Now here is what I’m talking about! Wiping out the human race! I’m up for that! 
And of course…
15329_418371915239_632115239_5614239_5482675_n Now let’s hear your comments…help a poor undead mage get through her next ten levels with little to no embarrassment…lol.


Vanessa said...

hehehehe, my drood just dinged 40... I need to catch a screenie of that pretty golden light.

as I started my wow career as a dwarven priest, I'm not very fond of the undead... aw, who'm I kidding, it doesn't matter what race I rolled to begin with, undead never appealed to me. Too ugly and smelly. If ever I go horde (and I may yet do so) I will prolly be a BE or a cow, though my group are pushing for us all to roll goblins when the expac is launched. We shall see. At least heirlooms are tradeable x-faction now (too bad they're not tradeable x-realm, which would make them TRULY account bound instead of realm bound).

My brother was an epic gnome mage who swore by the frost spec :)
I rolled one once awhile back, but haven't really leveled her past 20 and she's a frostie :)

Ooooh, I can creep Bella's armory profile now
/dashes off

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with putting points into Improved Frost Bolt, a faster nuke is a faster nuke no matter how you slice it.

I personally skip it because I'm not a Frostbolt spammer, I'm an AoE grinder. By taking Frostbite all of my slowing spells have a chance to freeze the target in place, so it doesn't bother me that my spell takes 0.5 seconds longer to cast because the mobs aren't going to catch me anyway.

Most leveling guides do suggest you go for Imp. Frostbolt early on, it's just not my flavor of choice because I go for mass slaughter the second I hit level 20 as Frost.

Gwenny said...

LOL You're so cute. Her armory sure won't have much yet lol. I have to say I am really enjoying the quests in the undead area. I am glad the polls pushed me in that direction.

Gwenny said...

I like the idea of slaughter as well. One of my hopes as a frost mage is to aoe grind a bit...of course that might go against the whole "experiencing the quests" thing I am going will tell!

Darthregis said...

Ice Barrier + Frost Nova + Blizzard = EZ Mode

But I haven't touched baby mage stuff since 2006. And I leveled as fire. I died lots, but fire is fun. Mmmm.... sweet firey death!

Gwenny said...

I think I tried fire a long time ago on another alt I deleted, and it was

Ice Barrier, Frost Nova, Blizzard? When do I get these wondrous toys?

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