Saturday, April 10, 2010

A New Star Is Born...

...well maybe not...but you get what I meant!

So you all asked for it...and I delivered as promised!

I give you Bellamortuus! Undead mage extraordinaire (or at least I hope she will be eventually).

I am really enjoying playing her. This is an area I have not played in before, and it's refreshing to get a new intro and a whole new set of quests to read (and yeas...I am taking the time to read them all!)

Starting off underground in a crypt? Too cool! Wait...they woke me up? Huh? Why was I sleeping? And now you want me to work!!!

Oh that explains everything. Yes, thank you for clearing up my confusion. Wait a minute...I was a slave of the Lich King???

Well that’s about it. Loving the quests over here. The storyline is great!

Here is my “Ding Board” – enjoy it while it lasts because it only gets more slow going as I progress.

Oh and I haven’t died yet! Surprising for a squishy! Of course I was lucky enough to have my good friend Heather (Beverlyheals) levelling along beside me for a fair amount of time. Until I turned her into a bunny…then she conveniently had to leave…(/joking).

She of course missed where I accidentally turned myself into a bunny…

Now…on to the polls!

And now it’s time to rest…until I get enough votes to move forward that is!


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